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2022 Could Be Critical for 5G. How Crucial Is the Risk Factor?

Every sector is waking up to the potential of 5G. A recent survey by EY confirms that 3 in 4 companies are planning to leverage the benefits of 5G within their infrastructure by 2025. Again, a study by GSMA confirms the technology will contribute an additional $700bn in value to the worldwide economy through 2030.

Despite the benefits, this technology has its own set of risks that might be detrimental if not assessed in advance, a common aspect for all sectors planning to consider implementing 5G technology.

The volume of hardware and software from external sources that may require for implementing this technology is going to be significant. Every new device directly leads to increased risks and makes the entire network vulnerable to external attacks. In addition, 5G networks use the cloud, and the result is these networks have a much broader attack surface.

The 5G Network might require a risk assessment framework that adapts to the programmability and flexibility of traffic flows and network services in SDNs.

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While leveraging the benefits, enterprises must ensure that all connected devices are constantly monitored and analyzed. In addition, the device software needs to be up-to-date, and every interface has to be thoroughly assessed for reassurance of safety. In case of a failure to perform the task, the enterprise may have to deal with severe consequences.

The year 2022 is exceptionally critical for 5G, its implementation, and its overall future. Also, this is undoubtedly the time to analyze all aspects of 5G in terms of risks and future implications.

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