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2022 Threat Management Landscape Will Have Changed Investment Priorities

The threat management landscape is constantly evolving, and, as we enter 2022, the investment priorities are indeed in for a change. Specific threats will gain focus over others. For instance, as organizations continue to move their data to the cloud, cloud security will be at the top of investment priorities. As a result, the cloud has topped the list of investment preferences for over 12 months.

It is evident that about 70 percent of companies that have transitioned to the cloud are planning to invest more in 2022 and the upcoming years. As per the Rapid7 Survey data, four of the five enterprises who have made the transition to the cloud say it was necessary to maintain their intended results.

Investments in the cloud are considered investments towards closing security gaps, protecting workloads, and securing access to the cloud resources. Furthermore, multi-clouds are the new norm. Therefore, more investments are expected here, as well. As the cloud is the future of technology, nobody wants to be left behind. Thus, investments are happening from various sources.

The nature and intensity of cyber-crimes have become more sophisticated, and the available security options have been comparatively slow to adapt in many instances. As IT experts advance themselves, cyber attackers also tend to be highly sophisticated. Any organization is susceptible to this phenomenon. The most viable solution to prevent this is ensuring more investments in the cloud.

Safeguarding vast amounts of information is critical to ensuring positive outcomes. Therefore, data is going to be the king, and it is hardly surprising that data security is also at the top of the list among respondents of the surveys conducted on current investment priorities.

The average number of files subjected to the data breach was about 10 million the previous year. As curtailing the infringement is a top priority, more investments will happen from various

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