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94% of Customers Prefer Control Over Data Shared With Other Enterprises

The latest data suggest that around 94% of customers would prefer increased control over their data shared with enterprises. 

Recently, there has been a surge in data breach incidents. Also, a number of laws were introduced to ensure the privacy of data being shared.

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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a paradigm-shifting legal framework, arrived first and has forever altered how the world handles the data of EU people. Today, there exist more than 130 laws regarding data privacy.

The U.S. is taking data privacy and security seriously. Of late, there have been several new regulations regarding this. 

Companies need to be aware of all of these new rights, particularly those pertaining to demands for data subject access (DSARs). The public can find out what information your organization has about them and how you use it, thanks to DSAR rights. 

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Businesses have 30 days under the GDPR to respond to a DSAR request. It does not specify if DSARs must be submitted in a specific format.

Although “access” is used, DSARs allow users to alter, remove, and control how their data is shared.

Citizens have several rights protected by data privacy legislation. Some requests, such as the data subject’s right to information, exist and call for corporate action, while others call for the data subject to take action and use them. 

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