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Governance, risk, and compliance are a set of plans which are designed to ensure that an organization’s risk profile is managed in line with regulatory requirements. Generally speaking, it is used as a structured method of aligning IT with business objectives and addressing compliance requirements while effectively managing risk.

The benefits of a well-planned GRC strategy can be many, including better management, improved decision-making, and better IT investments. Global governance, risk management, and compliance encompass a wide range of disciplines.

In this context, enterprise security and risk mitigation play a critical role, even though every discipline has its own priorities. Large numbers of companies are building security solutions from digital to physical in order to protect enterprises, secure their data and infrastructure, and meet compliance goals.

GRC is more than a collection of software tools, despite the number of good options available to streamline it. Rather than creating a GRC function from scratch, many organizations consult a framework for guidance on how to develop and refine it. Having the right security tools, solutions, and service providers means combating the right threat and aligning perfectly with compliance.

This is where GRC Viewpoint magazine can help businesses identify the most innovative security and compliance providers to fit the unique needs of each business. Research at our firm involves hours and hours spent investigating the companies in the governance, risk and compliance space that have an edge in developing innovative solutions.

An innovative team of industry veterans, editors, and cybersecurity specialists at GRC Viewpoint Magazine are continually exploring the latest and best security solutions available in the market, so you can save time and money trying to find the right partner. A print and digital version of our magazine provides CISOs and CIOs with the most up-to-date information on industry-wide security and compliance trends.