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ADT: Ensuring Safety and Security for 149 Years / Inside the Innovation of ADT


Chief Executive Officer

“As the modern world struggles with a variety of security issues, ADT stands by its commitment to providing creative, adaptable, and morally sound solutions to protect what really counts.”

Our worries over the safety of our homes and loved ones grow as our lives become more and more entwined with the digital world. The world of today needs comprehensive and intelligent security solutions that change with the terrain of possible threats.

In the middle of these difficulties, ADT appears to be an oasis of hope. ADT has been a mainstay in the security industry for an astounding 149 years, all the while maintaining a strong commitment to the idea that everyone has the right to feel secure. As the modern world struggles with a variety of security issues, ADT stands by its commitment to providing creative, adaptable, and morally sound solutions to protect what really counts. 

Nestled in the center of Florida, ADT has been a trusted name in the security industry, offering millions of clients unparalleled safety solutions. Everyone deserves to feel protected, and ADT has never wavered in its dedication to giving people peace of mind. This is the company’s basic premise.

At ADT, safety is a concept, not just a service. ADT has been a pillar of trust for 149 years because of its strong belief that everyone has a right to feel safe. The organization gives a money-back guarantee since it is so sure of its services. Understanding the financial side of security, ADT provides flexible financing options for equipment that can last up to 60 months.

With its Remote Panic Response function, the Mobile Safety App puts control in the hands of users by enabling them to confirm or dismiss alarms using text texts. Beyond burglary alarms, ADT is dedicated to providing life safety features like carbon monoxide and smoke detection. Plus, ADT’s voice control functionality with Google and Alexa allows for a smooth integration with contemporary living. A complete security environment is created by the integration of smart locks, lighting, thermostats, garage door control, and other features.

The Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) respectable rating of ADT is evidence of its dedication to quality. ADT’s commitment to user safety is further demonstrated by its unrivaled 24/7 customer service and company-owned monitoring centers located in the United States. With a variety of monitoring options—including landline, internet, and cell—ADT provides a selection to meet a range of demands.

For a worry-free home, ADT offers a variety of security options that let customers select between professionally installed and do-it-yourself security. The procedure is reduced to three simple steps: choose the preferred ADT product package, have it sent with free standard delivery, and easily assemble it using a simple self-setup.

ADT offers the benefit of no long-term contracts, making security commitment-free and available to everyone, even with the self-setup option. According to ADT, connection equates to protection in the modern world. The partnership between ADT and Google Nest, which integrates smart goods for a safer and smarter home, reflects this concept. The ADT Advantage creates a synergy that guarantees complete security both inside and outside the home by fusing the intelligence of Google Nest with the peace of mind offered by ADT.

By tapping, customers can confirm or dismiss alarms using ADT’s award-winning System Monitoring and Response Technology, ensuring quicker emergency response. By offering real-time assistance with device setup or support, Live Virtual Assistance offers an additional degree of protection.

The primary feature of ADT’s solutions is flexibility. ADT guarantees superior protection regardless of the customer’s preference for expert installation or self-setup. The company’s DIY Hub, which lets users customize their shopping experiences and guarantees a personalized security experience, exemplifies its dedication to innovation.

ADT’s reach guarantees that over 6 million customers remain as safe and secure as possible with over 17,000 personnel spread across 200 locations throughout the United States. The President and CEO of ADT, Jim DeVries, highlights how crucial client trust is to the company’s success. Upholding the highest ethical standards through the ADT Ethics Line, Code of Conduct, training programs, and business-specific regulations, the ADT Ethics Office plays an indispensable part.

The company’s commitment to consumers, investors, communities, and team members is outlined in ADT’s Code of Conduct. It establishes standards for all those connected to ADT, guaranteeing the development and upkeep of an integrity-centered culture. It is expected of all team members, contractors, and outside parties to abide by this code.

Building a world-class supply chain organisation requires strong connections with suppliers, something that ADT understands. ADT expects its suppliers to share and encourage these values among their business associates, as outlined in the Supplier Social Responsibility Guide.

ADT is a security icon that combines creativity, adaptability, and a dedication to moral behaviour. With 149 years of experience, ADT is still growing and giving its clients the security and comfort they need.