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An Unusual Demand marks the Global Endpoint Security Market for Endpoint solutions

The worldwide market for endpoint security is witnessing an unusual demand for security solutions. The upcoming years are expected to witness this trend because of the surge in cyber threats. Although it is a big challenge, the industry also faces a need to convert the challenge into an opportunity. 

The market was worth around $17.4 billion in 2021. By 2026, the market is expected to be worth around $31.1 billion. The predicted CAGR during this period is 12.3 %. (from a recent Frost & Sullivan Survey)

The constantly altering cyber landscape and the ever-rising cyber threats have been the most prominent market growth drivers. 

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The coronavirus pandemic remains a common factor for industries across the world. The endpoint security solutions market is no exception. The pandemic has been the most significant factor in the overall growth and changes in the sector.

The restrictive nature of the pandemic made remote working inevitable for a long. However, the sudden unexpected need to shift to remote work created new cyber security challenges. The devices and people were highly susceptible to hacking, and the demand for new solutions was apparent.

“To mitigate attacks, endpoint security solutions—endpoint protection platform (EPP) and endpoint detection and response (EDR)—are vital as they help identify unprotected assets,” says Sarah Pavlak, Security Industry Principal, Frost & Sullivan.

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The reliance and increased use of technology are yet another significant factor for the industry. For example, AI or artificial intelligence can bring a lot of difference to how the industry approaches endpoint security solutions. For instance, incorporating AI into self-healing endpoints will be a persisting trend. 

Moreover, AI is already being leveraged to identify vulnerable endpoints and their risk level effectively.

Also, cloud-powered endpoint security will be another significant trend. Cloud is about extending product services; they could either be fully managed or on-demand.

Big Data is another crucial technology for the contemporary endpoint security market. The next few years might be highly advantageous to leverage big data for high-fidelity and high-end vulnerability detection. 

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