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App Guard: Your Ultimate Partner for Cyber Security Needs


Chief Technology Officer


Britney Hommertzeim has quoted, “As cyber security leaders, we have to create our message of influence because security is a culture-and you need the business to take place and be part of that security culture.” Cyber security is one of the least tall topics around us. In the present era, where every single action is taking place via sharing our data online. Hence, it is the need of the hour to educate ourselves about cyber security and its immense requirement in our day-to-day business.

Although, there are several organizations ready to tackle the issue of cyber security our team put its efforts to bring the best among them to the table for our readers. This search of us landed us on the page of App Guard-one of the leading platforms operating in the business realm, by offering next-level cyber solutions. Their unmatched portfolio inspired us a lot and made us feature them in our upcoming edition-‘Top Cyber security providers in 2020.’

Our team had an interesting and exciting meeting session with the leadership panel of the company where they shared numerous unknown facts about their business ventures along with their successful journey so far. The leaders also convey some valuable nuggets for the upcoming business enthusiasts out there. We sincerely hope and desire that this fascinating read will not only add an extra value to our readers’ lives but will also inspire them to chase their dreams.

We are all aware of the fact that companies worldwide struggle with daily security breaches, costing them billions of dollars. It’s become all too obvious that the familiar names in cyber security can no longer be trusted. Traditional Antivirus, or any type of “machine learning” or “AI learning” are fatally flawed, based on practices that never worked.

“AppGuard is the only security product in the marketplace that is currently undefeated. Protecting the operating system through kernel level policy enforcement AppGuard’s patented technology works for both large and small corporate businesses as well as individual clients.”- Brody Ehrlich, COO of App Guard.

AppGuard prevents breaches by blocking applications from performing inappropriate processes but allows them to continue performing normal actions, using the patented dynamic isolation and inheritance technologies. By applying zero trust principles within endpoints, AppGuard delivers the most advanced protection and also lowers cyber operation costs.

Moreover, AppGuard’s adaptive policy enforcement (APE) prevents viruses, fileless malware, botnets, polymorphic malware, weaponized documents, targeted attacks, in-memory attacks, ransomware, phishing, watering-holes, drive-by-downloads, and other advanced threats. AppGuard doesn’t rely on scanning known signatures or patterns to identify good from bad files. AppGuard’s lightweight agent sits low at the kernel level and blocks unacceptable actions like code injection or registry override at the process level.


  • Brody Ehrlich (Chief Operating Officer)

Before the founding of AppGuard and the acquisition of KeepTree, Inc. by Blue Planet-works, Inc., Mr. Ehrlich served first as Director of Business Development and then as General Manager of KeepTree, Inc. Over his tenure at KeepTree and AppGuard he has been instrumental in many areas of corporate administration. At KeepTree, he developed and facilitated multiple programs for military outreach, partnership development, financial forecasting, and budgeting – and led the development of KeepTree’s Vift platform from a simple idea to a working consumer platform and retail tool (including recruiting marquee clients). At AppGuard, he manages all administrative aspects of the business, including financial forecasting, budgeting, accounting, human resources, legal compliance, contract drafting & review, and various operations elements.

Mr. Ehrlich graduated cum laude from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Economics and Management, concentrating in Finance. He also earned a Juris Doctorate and graduated cum laude from Cardozo Law School, where he was a Monrad Paulson scholar (which included, among other things, a full-tuition scholarship). Mr. Ehrlich is a licensed attorney admitted to the bar in both New York and New Jersey.

  • Fatih Comlekoglu (Chief Technology Officer)

Before the Blue Planet-works, Inc. acquisition of the AppGuard product line, Dr. Comlekoglu served as the Chief Software Architect of Blue Ridge Networks, Inc., where he invented the core technology of AppGuard.

As a visionary, with a wealth of enterprise service and IT operational experience, Dr. Comlekoglu architected and led the implementation of Blue Ridge’s key product lines in new generation antimalware defense, secure enterprise access over untrusted networks, and virtualized workspace. He has served as a lead system architect at MCI Communications, as a lead software architect at StorageTek, and a senior consultant at the World Bank Enterprise Computing group. He also holds two US patents for antimalware defense and applied cryptography in distributed systems both of which are utilized in AppGuard. In addition, he has received a BS in Computer Science and holds an MS in Computer Engineering and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from George Washington University.

  • Kristen McFadden Gandhi (Chief Product Officer)

Kristen has been at the forefront of emerging technology throughout her 25-year career. Before joining AppGuard, she was CEO and founder of Clarity, helping mission-driven startups leverage AI, machine learning, and RPA to scale.

Before that, she was Global Head of Service Transition at IPsoft, an AI/RPA platform and managed services provider for nearly 10 years. Kristen began her career as an Analyst with UBS and was an early innovator in HPC clustering technology at Columbia Genome Center and Center for Computational Biology. She holds bachelor’s degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science, as well as her master’s degree in Technology Management, all from Columbia University.


  • AppGuard Enterprise

AppGuard Enterprise is a centrally managed host-based endpoint protection solution that prevents malware and all advanced attacks from harming the system. Utilizing Adaptive Policy Enforcement (APE) blocks attacks without having to explicitly recognize the attack. Alternative solutions only succeed when they recognize the attack, need constant signature updates, and are vulnerable to zero-day attacks. AppGuard’s zero-trust space policy and isolation and inheritance policy block applications from performing suspicious processes while allowing them to continue performing normal actions. AppGuard agents run smoothly for months or years without policy updates, regardless of app updates, patches, and other changes.

  • AppGuard Solo

AppGuard Solo is a self-managed zero trust host-based endpoint protection agent for laptops and desktops. Its highly effective set and forget protection makes it ideal for small businesses and non-technical users. AOL has been white labeling AppGuard Solo to its customers for many years. It coexists with nearly all other security agents yet requires none of the care and attention they do.

  • AppGuard Management System

AppGuard Management System centrally manages AppGuard agents for laptops, desktops, and servers for all supported endpoints. Its web-based interface and backend database can be hosted in a cloud or on-premise. Any analytics tool fluent in SQL can interface with it. Role-based privileges limit different admin users to different capabilities for different endpoint groups.


Before signing off, we requested Mr. Ehrlich to share some words of wisdom and some pieces of advice for the upcoming business leaders out there in response to which he asserts, “One should never stop dreaming. If you won’t dream big, you will never be able to collect the courage to work for it. Nothing is impossible in this world, especially in the upcoming generation. So, put your utmost efforts and give your best to fulfill the dream you have seen. Also, I would like to share some words for the people reading this to be aware of cybercrime as well as cyber security so they can keep an eye on the undesired events taking place in their systems and devices.”