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Apple Introduces New Security Features for Cloud

Tech giant Apple has introduced new features for cloud security. The three new security features are presented to safeguard users’ data contained in the cloud. 

Technically, the three features are iMessage Contact Key Verification, Security Keys for Apple ID, and Advanced Data Protection for iCloud. 

The first feature, the iMessage Contact Key Verification, helps users to assess the identities of the user they are talking to. If they have the first feature, users will receive automatic notifications in case of a breach on cloud servers or if any devices are inserted into their communication series. The other specialty of iMessage Contact is that users can compare Contact Verification Codes through FaceTime or a secure call. 

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The second feature ensures support for utilizing hardware security keys for Apple ID account sign-in. In addition, a two-factor authentication option is in place. 

“Apple’s new data protections – especially the integration of security keys – are a welcome addition to the platform for security-conscious users, “[This is particularly true for] those who already use a YubiKey device to encrypt their data on iOS devices or want to use a security key but need more incentive to invest. In addition, hardware security keys provide one of the highest levels of security for MFA [multi-factor authentication] setups,” informs  Craig Lurey, CTO of Keeper Security.

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Lastly, the third option, Advanced-Data protection for the cloud, ensures end-to-end encryption concerning cloud security. The feature allows itself to be tuned within the iOS environment for individual elements. This feature applies to Photos, Notes, iCloud Backup, and more. 

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