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Apple to Extend Special Focus On AI, Says CEO, Tim Cook

Apple will be focusing more on artificial intelligence, says CEO Tim Cook.

“It [artificial intelligence] is a major focus of ours. It’s incredible in terms of how it can enrich customers’ lives. We see enormous potential in this space to affect virtually everything we do. It will affect every product and service we have,” elaborates Cook.

He further clarified that AI incorporation would also pervade several other company sectors. 

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His observation seconds what is already evident. AI has progressed as one of the most impactful technological trends in the recent past.

Interestingly, a few of Apple’s services already incorporate AI, such as the new crash warning tool for the iPhone and Apple Watch and the ECG feature on the Apple Watch that allows users to record their heartbeat and rhythm.

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Additionally, the company plans to open another facility in Japan that would focus more on AI. This would be the first-of-its-kind facility outside the U.S. by Apple.

The announcement about incorporating more AI in its core practices makes sense with respect to its current status. AI is the next technology that can optimize the wide range of products and solutions Apple.

AI has always been an area of interest for the tech giant. 

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