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Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security: The Biggest Trend in 2022?

The last two years have witnessed radical changes marked by hybrid and remote work fuelled by worldwide lockdowns and strict social distance measures. The cyber security space is one of the most affected due to increased vulnerability.

There has been an increase in cyber threats in 2020 and 2021. Yet, what makes the situation highly alarming is the surge in the number of successful attempts. Moreover, several top firms that have long been thought to have robust security measures also encountered severe cyber breaches. Many small enterprises are also a part of the list.

The impacts or restrictions imposed by covid are expected to go beyond 2021. Therefore, the cyber security landscape of 2022 is expected to be totally different. Advanced technologies would be the most evident trend associated with cyber security in 2022. Artificial intelligence-empowered cyber security landscape can be a potential trend.

Artificial Intelligence Powered Cyber Security:

AI is already being leveraged in the financial sector for identifying fraud. Similarly, AI is found to be the most impactful technology regarding the cyber security landscape. AI is able to counteract cyber threats by analyzing behavior patterns or trends that imply any inappropriate behavior.

The characteristic of the present cyber security space is that cyber-attacks taking place every second has to be monitored across a massive number of systems or networks. This is where artificial intelligence is of paramount importance. The predictive capabilities of AI are going to be the deciding factor here.

These technologies constantly update and improve. Consequently, there is reliance on informative data from previous experiences to the latest ones if needed. Such an analytical pattern helps pinpoint innovative varieties of cyber-attacks and their possibilities.

AI is leveraged to identify cyber-attacks and even malicious tasks. Conventional software strategies are primarily unable to keep pace with the tremendous volumes of ransomware created every now and then. AI comprises highly sophisticated algorithms that are trained to identify ransomware, enable pattern recognition, and identify even the tiniest behaviors of cyber-attacks before they successfully enter the cyber security systems.

AI Systems are also ready to determine the IT inventory assets. The inventory includes a precise and in-depth record of applications, users, and devices.

A recent research by Capgemini has confirmed that about two-thirds of ventures believe AI is critical for identifying and preventing vital cyber security attacks.

Cyber Criminals Are No Amateurs:

Today’s cybercriminals are as advanced as the best of IT experts.

Unfortunately, hackers are also at the forefront of what’s happening in the cyber security space.  They are aware of the future potential of AI. The innovative threats seem to leverage cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning to overcome the barriers to cyber threats. AI-based cyber-attacks can only be dealt with through the implementation of AI.

To conclude, AI-powered cyber-attacks and defense systems would be among the most significant cyber security trends in 2022 or maybe beyond.

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