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AT & T Consumer Data Hacked, Says A March Official Release

Sources confirm that AT&T’s consumer data is exposed. The exposure is the aftermath of an attack on the Vendor. 

In what could be easily called one of the most significant hacking so far in 2023, the data of more than 9 million consumers were exposed. AT&T notified its customers in March.

However, “Customer Proprietary Network Information,” including information on customers’ wireless plans and payment amounts, is how AT&T referred to the disclosed data.

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“Customer Proprietary Network Information from some wireless accounts was exposed, such as the number of lines on an account or wireless rate plan. The information did not contain credit card information, Social Security Numbers, account passwords, or other sensitive personal information. We are notifying affected customers. A small percentage of impacted customers also had exposure of rate plan name, past due amount, monthly payment amount, various monthly charges, and minutes used,” explains the official release by AT&T.

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The company said it had informed federal law enforcement about the breach. Also, the attack targeted the supply chain. The systems are still secure. 

Some of the data stolen were reasonably old. The AT&T attack is one among the several cases of the attack reported in February this year. 

The attack took place in January. AT&T also added the vulnerability has been fixed. 

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