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Backup and Storage Sector Gaining Huge Significance in the Current Cyber World

2023 is expected to be oriented more toward fixing storage and backup systems. The reason for this approach is the increased possibility of cyber threats due to vulnerabilities in the backup and storage systems. 

Last year attacks on data were on the rise. In fact, data hacks were clearly the heaviest cyber threats encountered by organizations. This year, industry experts warned the cyber world of more attacks. 

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It is a reality now. Data continues to be the favorite of hackers. The volume of data has grown exponentially. A significant aspect of the data is sensitive information

Even top enterprises were victims of massive data attacks. What is alarming is that most of these attacks were reliant on vulnerabilities in the backup and storage systems. That’s why enterprises across the globe and the entire IT industry have to focus more on fixing those vulnerabilities immediately. 

Some of the most crucial resources for ransomware defense are storage and backup systems. The majority of these systems are not in a position to be fully functional. They are deeply impacted by vulnerabilities. There are efforts to deal with the issue. However, there has to be more focus. 

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A few years ago, IT leaders wouldn’t have expected storage and backup systems to assume critical importance. However, the scenario has changed now. 

To combat the new cyber-security risks, security teams must learn to analyze the security posture of data storage and backup systems.

Cyber attacks are multifaceted and are created by experts who can be easily compared to even highly experienced IT experts. 

These are some of the external threats. However, there are internal threats too. From 2020 to 2027, the market is projected to increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.8%.

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