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BAYOOSOFT: Modernized and Innovative Email Security Solutions


CEO & Head of Product

Email is a common target for cyber criminals attempting to steal sensitive information. Endpoint email encryption helps protect against data breaches, reducing the risk of unauthorized access to confidential data.

The current digital landscape is complicated by the ever-increasing cyber threats. Email security is an inevitable part of ensuring cyber security. Because harmful email is a common method for disseminating ransomware, spyware, worms or spear phishing emails, and other cyber dangers, email security is crucial. The industry has an abundance of email security solutions. However, not all email security solutions will have the potential to deal with industry specific challenges. Traditional email security measures are no longer sufficient to defend against severe cyberattacks and breaches. BAYOOSOFT, a German-based software manufacturer, is aware of this shift. Consequently, the enterprise has been extending modernized email security solutions for several years. BAYOOSOFT clientele includes private companies, public organizations, attorneys, and journalists. Central to the IT security approach is the concept of self-service.

Such a paradigm shift places the power in the hands of users, enabling them to take charge of their IT security needs. Since 2001, its founding year, BAYOOSOFT has focused on the most essential features to enhance productivity. Manual handling of several IT processes is a time-consuming and expensive task. BAYOOSOFT has set the goal of supporting, accelerating, and ultimately automating processes with high regulatory requirements in the area of IT security and medical device manufacturers. The email encryption solution from BAYOOSOFT, gpg4o is available through an online shop and available for purchase and installation 24/7. To use gpg4o, GnuPG 2.2 or newer is required, which can be installed by the user during initial setup. GnuPG is used for encrypting and decrypting data and implements the OpenPGP standard. gpg4o is installed on every client computer as an Outlook add-in.

“Additionally, for enterprise customers we recommend a secure storage space to use as a central repository for private keys. gpg4o is an add-in for email encryption in Microsoft Outlook® and integrates seamlessly into the user interface. From here, messages and their attachments can be securely encrypted as well as decrypted, signed, and verified. The clever end-to-end encryption system is easy to install and simple to use. gpg4o is based on the OpenPGP standard with millions of users worldwide and is compatible with many 3rd party encryption programs. Since our last major release gpg4o is no longer limited to OpenPGP but also supports S/MIME de- and encryption,” Svenja Winkler, CEO, sheds more light on the different aspects of the product.


Data privacy is a persisting issue in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Endpoint email encryption ensures that sensitive data and information shared through emails remain private and secure. By encrypting the content of emails, BAYOOSOFT ensures unauthorized individuals or entities cannot read or access the information despite any interception in the email during transmission or storage. Email is a common target for cyber criminals attempting to steal sensitive information. Endpoint email encryption helps protect against data breaches, reducing the risk of unauthorized access to confidential data. Many industries and regions have strict regulations regarding data protection and privacy. Endpoint email encryption ensures compliance with these regulations by safeguarding sensitive information in transit.

Even though it’s crucial to have confidence in coworkers and employees, insider threats might nonetheless happen. An extra layer of protection against internal actors who could abuse or leak sensitive information is offered by endpoint email encryption. “When businesses communicate with partners, clients, or customers via email, endpoint encryption ensures confidential information shared between parties remains secure throughout the communication process. Also, regarding the protection of intellectual property, companies often send proprietary and sensitive information via email, which could be valuable intellectual property. Endpoint email encryption prevents unauthorized access and ensures the protection of critical assets. Modern endpoint email encryption solutions aim to provide a user-friendly experience, seamlessly integrating with email clients and requiring minimal user effort,” adds Winkler.

A customer in the pharmaceutical space needed a different email encryption solution that would correlate well with their highly regulated environment requirements. The solution should also be easy to deploy and need to support their IT administration. A key aspect of using gpg4o was the fact that the solution makes end user’s point of view is very hassle-free. The Outlook Add-In integrates without the need for individual configuration and can be updated centrally by IT administrators. Additionally, gpg4o for enterprise customers comes with a central Keystore server, that enables organizations to manage thousands of accounts. Lastly, gpg4o enables organizations to set up and protect an additional decryption key (ADK), a master key for speaking, used to decrypt emails sent/received by past employees.