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Bot Activity Peaked in 2022, Says New Data

The cyber world has to accept that bots are dominating the internet. In 2022, bots accounted for about half of all internet traffic, according to new data. 

The data regarding this is released by the cyber security firm, Imperva. We can easily conclude from the data that malicious web -based activity increased in 2022. The rise in automated web based activities is a cause for concern.

Bad bots are automated software programs that conduct tasks with evil intent.

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The human traffic was at its lowest within a time span of eight years last year.

Cyber experts are worried that the bot activity will persist in 2023. In fact, industry experts expect a significant increase in the bot activities due to the launch of chatbots by tech giants, including Google and OpenAI.

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“Bad bots engage with applications in the same way that real users would, which makes it more difficult to identify and block them. As opposed to taking advantage of technical flaws, they abuse business logic by taking advantage of the functions of the company. They enable high-speed abuse, misuse, and attacks on websites, mobile apps, and APIs. They enable  malicious activities to be carried out by attackers, fraudsters, unsavoury competitors, and bot operators.”

Imperva has been analyzing the trends in bot activity since 2013. The bot activity was at its peak in 2022.

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