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Canada and US Reinstate Cybercrime Forums, the CBCF, as a Protective Measure Against Cyber Attacks, Especially in the Wake of Russian Attacks

The Russian attacks appear to have rekindled the need to enforce advanced cyber security measures.

Both Canada and the US have reinstated the CBCF, the Cross-Border Crime Forum. The immediate objectives include discussing and preventing cybercrimes besides other related issues. The DoJ (Department of Justice) in the US released a statement on 22nd March in connection with this. The report further adds that the two nations would meet to probe further cooperation against rising cyber threats.

This is what the official release had to say. “Given the interconnectedness of US and Canadian industry and economies, we affirm our shared commitment to work bilaterally to combat common cyber threats, such as ransomware attacks, and to strengthen critical infrastructure cybersecurity and resilience.”

The two nations will also share information to implement measures to re-establish sectors of economies that are easily targeted by cybercriminals. Implementing effective responses will also be another priority. This move would help significantly in adopting the best practices on cyber hygiene and enabling stakeholders to report any possible cyber threats rapidly and effectively by leveraging the most advanced tools.

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The report also says, “We are working vigilantly to protect the cybersecurity of our critical infrastructure sectors given Russia’s further invasion of Ukraine. “We also reiterated our commitment to work together through the G7+ REPO Task Force to locate and freeze virtual and physical assets of sanctioned Russian individuals and entities and to forfeit the proceeds of kleptocracy or other crimes.”

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