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CHARGEBACK GURUS: Extending Unparalleled Strategic Approach & Rich Data Analytics into the Chargeback Prevention and Recovery Management Industry


CEO, Chargeback Gurus

This expertise has, in turn, helped CBG to extend high-level services to clients to empower them to understand real risk exposure and enable dispute resolution through early-phase alterations.

A leading car rental enterprise company in the U.S. needed to identify the possibility of additional chargebacks arising from certain processes carried out in their stores and Point of Sale. Specifically, the firm wanted to eliminate errant chargebacks that were previously difficult to fight. A detailed search by this leading car rental company led them to Chargeback Gurus (CBG), a McKinney, Texas, headquartered firm. CBG implemented a solution that was above the standard procedures within the industry.

The strategy involved providing training and insights on the specific requirement of identifying and eliminating the possibility of additional chargebacks. The methods were scaled to cover the entire span of the client’s stores. CBG offered the store manager’s improved consistency, time savings and reduced pressure. CBG ensured maximum recovery was possible for this client at every step of the process. The methods extended by the CBG team of analyst experts were unparalleled in quality, effectiveness, and efficiency.

Expertise Unparalleled 

“CBG has been at the forefront of dispute management for almost a decade. Our experience and investment in the best technology-driven service has allowed us to provide unparalleled service that exceeds our clients’ expectations and has enabled an easy ascend to the top of the chargeback industry in delivering efficient services to all our clients. Our tech-enabled data science and analytics chargeback solutions help businesses prevent and recover revenue lost to fraud and help merchants identify and analyze root causes of their chargebacks,” explains CEO Tim Tynan. A deeper analysis empowered the client to change and improve their operational strategies permanently.

Industry-Specific Approach

Chargebacks cause merchants to lose up to 15% of their sales. In order to recoup lost revenue, companies need to gain the knowledge, tools, and resources to combat and prevent these chargebacks properly. Many companies attempt to tackle chargebacks in house and find it challenging to process the full volume effectively. Consequently, their internal recovery-win ratio is relatively low. “Many companies addressing chargebacks in house, recognize that they are not fighting all the cases they potentially can, but run into capacity bottlenecks and sometimes lack understanding of what it takes to win.

CBGs tech-enabled, data enriched solutions combined with world-class analysts allows us to intake 100% of their volumes and achieve industry leading win rates,” adds Tynan. This expertise has, in turn, helped CBG to extend high-level services to clients to empower them to understand real risk exposure and enable dispute resolution through early phase alterations.

The Upcoming Years

“With CBGs award-winning tech-enabled solutions, CBG will continue to promote innovation and work with our clients to decrease chargebacks and increase their win recovery rates. We are constantly innovating on how best to help our present and potential clients while keeping an eye on the current environment. Many of our clients have an international presence. Therefore, we are actively pursuing global expansion. We will continue to empower our worldclass industry analysts with the tools, data science and analytics they need to succeed on behalf of our clients, “ Tynan concluded.