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CISOs Have to Tackle 2022 Threat Landscape Differently

Coronavirus is still persistent in 2022. Remote work culture is expected to prevail. Therefore, CISOs will prefer implementing a different approach to tackle 2022. CISOs have to arrive at a priority-based system. According to available data, the 5 top concerns for CISOs are:

  • Managing the increased risk of ransomware
  • Ensure secure configuration of apps, workloads, and cloud resources
  • Filling the talent requirement in cyber expertise
  • Enabling end-user productivity
  • Ensuring that security is not compromised

In the changed circumstances, cyber security is a top concern for enterprises across the globe.

CISOs role is more crucial than ever. Almost all enterprises are digital, hybrid, and remote, and CISOs will face new responsibilities. In simpler words, CISOs role will change to a highly impactful and strategic one.

Consequently, it is inevitable for any CISO to rethink the existing security strategies and stay at the forefront of the critical trends in the security market to conquer a highly altered threat landscape.

Nowadays, enterprises face several challenges while operating in the highly evolved threat management landscape. It has become extremely tough to connect users with data and applications across the different cloud platforms. As a result, CISOs may have to rely more on zero-trust frameworks than cloud-powered security technology besides intelligent security automation.

CISOs will have to shoulder the responsibility of having a future-oriented view while identifying how a specific business maintains a strong cybersecurity posture by employing sophisticated cybersecurity solutions in the constantly altering threat management landscape. In the future, the threat management landscape is likely to witness CISOs being an integral part of critical business decisions. For instance, in case of a significant acquisition or merger, up-to-date and sophisticated cyber security practices should be in place.

To sum it up, moving into 2022, the security industry will need CISOs who can simultaneously function as communication partners, technology partners, and financial partners.

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