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CISOs In Huge Demand, Enterprises Have to Shell Out More to Hire Talented and Experienced CISOs

It is obvious why CISOs are in huge demand nowadays. Conventionally, A CISO is at the topmost position in ensuring an enterprise’s assets and data are secured. However, today’s cyber security landscape is an altered one. On the one hand, it is vulnerable to low to mild to high cyber attacks. 

Conversely, the cyber security landscape is full of opportunities to invent new solutions. So, CISOs have a considerable role to play. 

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CISOs are in huge demand, and enterprises must spend more on them. The latest data says that Compensation for CISOs is showing an upward trend. Also, their importance and value to organizations are evolving. 

“In just the last three years, the CISO role has evolved into a more center-stage role with these leaders taking on a more holistic enterprise focus. CISOs assume more strategic and risk-related responsibilities, often interacting with the board and providing a unique view of risk to help navigate cyber threats. As a result, this rising concern has grown in priority. These are the words of Matt Aiello, Global Head, Cyber Security, Heidrick & Struggles, an Illinois-headquartered executive search company.

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The need for entry-level CISOs is also evident in the current cyber security landscape. 

Another essential update relevant to the enhanced popularity of CISOs is that despite the abundance of opportunities and hefty packages, the pressure is also mounting on them. Many find the job extraordinarily strenuous, and there are hints of CISO burnout.

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