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Cloud Cyber Attacks to Increase in 2023?

A recent poll found that 27% of enterprises had encountered a public cloud security event. There is an increase of 10% from last year. 

Information from reliable sources confirms that attacks through the cloud will be on the rise. As per the latest report, around 80% of enterprises reported at least a cloud security incident last year.

So, around 45% of cyber-attacks are cloud-powered. 

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Cloud is expected to be the new norm. Around 72% of firms would have had a breach today as most are migrating to the cloud. 

The covid-19 pandemic prompted large-scale cloud adoption. The virus forced the world to resort to working from home. However, the transition had to be relatively fast, and enterprises found it challenging to extend support. As a result, the cloud was primarily relied upon to facilitate a work-from-home environment. 

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The fast-paced transition resulted in large-scale cloud adoption at an incredible speed. 

All enterprises’ public cloud spending is currently over budget by an average of 13%, and in the coming year, cloud spending is predicted to increase by another 29%.

As shifting to the cloud was the priority, organizations had to ignore some security aspects. In the process, specific tools often were initially meant for something other than the cloud. The use of these tools has made the entire cloud scenario highly vulnerable.

In addition, reducing expenses frequently directly influences security because businesses may do so to boost their production budget.

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