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Cloud Explosion 2022: Containers Likely to Be Mainstream

After prolonged experimentation, organizations across industries are going all-in with containers, creating, and upgrading enhanced apps faster than ever before. Moreover, this trend is likely to continue throughout 2022 or maybe in several years.

By the year 2023, Gartner predicts that about 70% of enterprises will be using at least two containerized applications.

Towards the end of 2021, most were convinced that offices would return to normalcy in 2022. The Corona scare finally seemed to near its end. The pandemic has indeed mellowed down, yet the work from home culture is likely to persist.

The advantages and challenges that are associated with remote work culture are also expected to prevail.

Organizations are still faced with the dilemma of developing long-term remote work strategies to ensure the work process remains efficient, sustainable, and flexible throughout. Such a colossal demand again placed heavy emphasis on cloud-based solutions.

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The year 2022 is already experiencing an explosion of cloud-service-based solutions. Containers are likely to be mainstream and are expected to be able to extend total support to cloud adoption. Decision-makers have realized how critical containers can be in running microservices.

As a direct impact of containers becoming mainstream, the generational transformation to the cloud becomes more accessible and more streamlined for enterprises.

Experts also said conventional IT would still remain strong. However, containers are expected to see an upward growth, especially when specialized demands emphasize innovative and time-specific solutions.

From a technology point of view, containers might be a modest advance. However, containers are with momentous implications for several innovative apps that are perhaps yet to arrive and for applications presently in use.

However, containers are the ideal option to maintain agility. Containers can be moved around with ease and are feasible with various platforms. Besides, containers can be reused and recombined into multiple applications of varying nature.

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