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Cloud Security A Top Priority for CISOs

In recent years, the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) position has seen several changes. The duties of the CISO are expanding and changing to meet the demands of the modern organization.

Cloud security continues to be a top priority for CISOs. Cloud and its related aspects are sources of challenges and opportunities for the cyber world. The benefits of an effective transition to the cloud are proven. Yet, cloud security is a persistent concern.

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Large-scale cloud migration is a complicated task. In some organizations, decisions regarding which functions should be on the cloud are delayed often. In other cases, the process is a confusing one. Lack of skills is another concern. The entire cyber world is dealing with a lack of cyber security experts worldwide.

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Moving to the cloud is not an easy process. The transition alters the nature of IT. It is essential to ensure the entire team understands the security-related risks associated with cloud migration. Security risks are possible even after transitioning to the cloud. It is extremely tough to keep intellectual property and data secure once upgraded to the cloud. 

The advantages and risks of automating some aspects of cloud security using hardened IaC templates, secure cloud blueprints, and testing should be understood completely. 

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