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Contemporary Cloud Deployments Are Not Without Risks

Through the year 2025, cloud deployments are thought to be worth about $68 billion. Also, over 100 zettabytes of information will be stored in the cloud by the same time.


Yet, the contemporary cloud deployments are not without significant risks to the security and stability of information. 


For instance, the current cloud deployments come with significant risks that could easily be rectified with minor infrastructure procurement and access changes. In other words, the majority of the risk elements can be eliminated or significantly reduced through more straightforward corrective approaches. 


Presently, most organizations procure cloud instances through their company’s name. Therefore, there is a lack of obfuscation in billing trails. It becomes easy for threat actors during the reconnaissance phase as a direct impact. Therefore, a minor process of adding an obfuscation layer seems to be an ideal rectification process here.


While employing an obfuscation strategy, cloud deployments are protected through different legal entities, and end-user discovery turns more challenging. 


Cloud deployments are also associated with highly cost-effective and secure data environments. Yet, cyber threats are evolving besides the increasing potential of insider threats. Therefore, the apt corrective measure will add extra security layers that are not always a strenuous affair. 


Many of the contemporary ransomware attacks involved the compromise of credentials that permitted cybercriminals to access cloud instances. Further, these backup environments were easily corrupted with false information making it difficult to use them to overcome ransomware attacks. 


Since the onset of the Covid-19 crisis, cloud adoption rates have shown an upward trend. Besides massive adoption, huge investments were happening on cloud adoption, infrastructure, expenditure, and development. Therefore, the affinity towards the cloud is going to be the new norm. 


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