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Cyber Forensics In Heavy Demand in 2023

Cyber crimes are increasing. Let’s consider some statistics; from 2016 to 2021, there was a 500% increase in cyber crimes, says latest information from the FBI. Of the various counterattacks employed by cyber professionals, digital forensics was a key strategy. As a result, the demand for certified cyber professionals skyrocketed recently. 

A cyber forensic specialist investigates each event using cutting-edge methods. Their thorough inquiry focuses on building a solid chain of evidence. 

Many cyber forensics approaches have been instrumental in settling legal disputes and convictions of cyber criminals thanks to the admissible proof they create.

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It takes time to respond to security incidents. For example, a data breach may take up to 287 days, or more than nine months, to find and fix in most cases.

Several businesses are collaborating with forensic cybersecurity consultants or adding more in-house computer forensics professionals as a form of defense.

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Due to the increased use of smartphones, the Internet of Things (IoT), and government requirements to secure cyber information, the market for digital forensics is being driven by an increase in cyber crimes across numerous industries. 

Abrupt changes in the information technology infrastructure can introduce new dangers. 

For instance, the introduction of remote work during Covid resulted in a 220% rise in phishing attempts.

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