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Cyber Security Authorities Publish New Cybersecurity Guidelines

Various authorities belonging to the cybersecurity industry have recently collaborated to publish a detailed guide on securing remote access software. The authorities have said they intend to address the ever-increasing cyber threats. 

The document explaining the guidelines was published in the first week of June. The authorities involved in the process are the FBI, NSA, MS-ISAC, INCD, and CISA.

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“remote access software is crucial in enabling organizations to manage networks, computers, and devices. It provides a flexible and efficient approach to IT and operational technology (OT) management, allowing for proactive troubleshooting, maintenance, and backup operations.,” says the official document regarding the new guidelines. 

The primary advice for enterprises includes implementing a solid risk management plan based on recognized standards and routinely monitoring remote access software with endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions.

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RMM software, in particular, provides extensive capabilities for monitoring and controlling devices and systems besides obtaining heightened permissions. Consequently, the RMM software can be leveraged by organizations heavily.

Furthermore, the guidelines underline the need for enterprises to establish a security baseline and be familiar with the usual behavior of software to identify aberrant and malicious activity efficiently.

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