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Cyber Security: The Huge Demand for Experts Is Significantly High, Expected to Cross Over 3 million by 2025

The opportunities present in the cyber security space have evolved and are constantly showing an upward trend. Considering the statistics, by the year 2025, the prospects currently in the cyberspace will be more than 3 million.

The skill gap has been present for some time, and despite widespread efforts, the gap is still significantly evident, although it is improved well beyond expectations in recent times.

The good news is that an overall effort is shown across the industry to address the gap. For example, big names like Microsoft and Google are making massive efforts to find cyber security talent.

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A recent fact sheet released by the white house declares that IBM plans to train more than 150,000 people in expert cyber security skills over the next three years. Besides, the tech giant is also considering establishing connections with over 20 educational institutions ( conventionally black universities and colleges, to be specific) with an aim to commence cyber security leadership centers to develop a highly developed cyber security workforce.

The 2021 (ISC)² Cyber security Workforce Study comes across as an eye-opener. According to the analysis, the worldwide cyber security workforce has to grow 65% to defend the critical assets of an enterprise.

It is impossible to fill the gap by just one enterprise, and there has to be a cumulative effort across the industry.

The positive development is that it is finally happening with big enterprises and government organizations, educational organizations, etc., participating actively in the process.

Also, cyber security is a diverse field as it comprises of various aspects, including technology, finance, law, project management, communications, training, risk assessment, etc. So, the process of skill development or filling the expertise gap should be based on a multi-faceted approach.

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