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Cybersecurity Workforce Shortage Will Continue Into 2022

Although throughout 2021, the struggle to overcome new security challenges continued to evolve, one challenge was persistent. Enterprises always faced a shortage of skilled cyber security workforce across multiple levels. Despite the urgency and enormity of the issue, the deficit is expected in 2022 as well. Addressing this concern would be the biggest priority for IT managers.

However, IT managers are optimistic that the task will be easier in 2022 compared to the previous year.

Across the globe, many individuals are contemplating leaving their current jobs for creative challenges and broader opportunities to sharpen their skills. The industry is planning to bank upon this trend as the option of hiring beyond the cybersecurity industry appears to be highly viable in the current times.

Hiring these candidates may address the present issue of tackling the workforce shortage. Maybe they need to be treated as freshers and might require in-depth training. Yet, recent trends indicate that enterprises are overlooking this problem and are interested in ensuring that an adequate workforce is available.

This expansion is undoubtedly the first step towards ensuring a positive work culture. These candidates would be presented with more choices concerning the direction; they orient themselves within the cyber security workforce. This new pool would comprise a workforce competing against a similar collection of talent.

Yet, this idea of hiring candidates from various backgrounds is still insufficient to tackle the widespread shortage issue. As all are aware of it, this year is likely to witness more efforts towards materializing the availability of a skilled workforce across all levels. Ensuring more automation would be the other priority for enterprises. The reliance on automation in the hiring process is also expected to increase in 2022, observe cybersecurity industry experts.

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