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Dark Web Intelligence Market: Latest Trends

Crucial data about an enterprise could easily be made available on the dark web. The data is easily susceptible to hacking. The impact of the data breach could be related to property and reputational damage. Therefore, dark web monitoring tools are highly relevant to the current business world. 

The market for dark web intelligence, which had a market value of $341.70 million in 2021, is anticipated to increase to $2.30 billion by 2031. The expected CAGR is about 21.3% from 2022 to 2031.

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Whether using a single investigation of the dark web or an integrated one, it has been proven to be a crucial step in combating cybercrime.

The current projection for 2030 is anticipated to be greater than pre-COVID-19 forecasts.

The covid-19 was a unique phenomenon that had an impact on all industries. The dark web intelligence sector is undoubtedly one among them. 

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Due to the lockdown imposed by governments the world over, the pandemic positively impacted the adoption of dark web intelligence.

The pandemic fuelled new situations. The remote work culture will be a perfect example. The remote work environment paved the way for more cyber threats. Hackers were constantly trying to bring in new tactics. Security experts had to find new ways of managing innovative cyber threats. 

The scenario made web intelligence tools more popular. Overall, significant growth is predicted, which is likely to grow at a steady rate in the coming years. 

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