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Data Backup, the New Responsibility for CISOs?

A CISO’s role has changed considerably. There are new responsibilities. The requirements are different, and so are the challenges encountered by CISOs.

New trends are indicative of the fact that data backup will be the responsibility of CISOs. 

Traditionally, data backup was handled by CTOs. IT team had a major role to play. Many CTOs are slowly transferring data backup or disaster recovery to Chief Information Security Officers.

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IT experts are confident that the trend is going to accelerate or remain constant in the immediate future. 

Many CTOs want to transfer control of overall data management to the security experts who are already responsible for keeping it safe.

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Trends are also indicative that CISOs are interested in the changed responsibilities. The ever-widening gaps between security and IT have always troubled CISOs. The added responsibility may enable them to strengthen their security posture. Nowadays, random ransomware attacks are increasing. 

Data has become one of the top priorities in today’s cyber world. Data appears to be the new favorite of hackers. Data breaches happen in numerous ways. Security experts are expected to be ready for constant attacks. 

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