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DevSecOps and Cyber Security Are Top IT Skills, Say Experts

Experts say that Cyber security and DevSecOps are the top priority IT skills in the present enterprise IT scenario. IT threats are rising, a trend expected to continue over the next few years. Critical aspects such as inter-team collaboration and transparent processes and approaches surface as necessary in tackling the intense cyber threats. 

The DevOps Institute accumulated information for a survey, officially called ‘Upskilling IT 2022’. About 92% of respondents to the study identified security proficiency as either essential or critical to properly executing their IT capabilities. (The survey report is available in EMEA, Americas, global, and APAC versions.

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The DevOps Institute is a professional certification and association authority. More than 2 476 respondents participated in the survey. The respondents were involved in application development and were from 120 countries. 

“I am tempted to conclude the following: individuals are saying ‘upskilling is not a priority for me unless it is technical. I would advise taking a look at the human skill gaps, which (according to our survey) are collaboration and cooperation, creativity, entrepreneurship, and interpersonal skills. Unfortunately, without developing these human skills, success, and outcomes will be difficult to achieve,” said Eveline Oehrlich, Chief Research Officer of DevOps. 

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The other key IT priorities include:

Cloud Security

Agile practices

SRE, Site Reliability Engineering

System thinking

Design thinking

ITIL, IT Infrastructure Library, and others.

The relationship between security and DevOps is much better nowadays. Around forty percent of the participants were of the opinion that there was a close collaboration between the two teams. 

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