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Digital Forensics-powered Cyber Security: What You Should Know?

More and more enterprises are contemplating the idea of incorporating digital forensics into their cyber security strategies. This could be the most noteworthy trend in the digital forensics space.

With the inclusion, enterprises aim to identify responsible parties in case of an attack, control their losses and safeguard valuable digital assets both in the present and future.

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Digital forensics has been exceptionally useful in tackling the most significant threat for any organization, insider threats.

For a better understanding, let’s consider a scenario that can significantly impact an entire organization. For example, say a highly confidential file was compromised and leaked.

Once such an incident happens, the digital forensics expert part of the company will conduct an investigation into the incident by leveraging digital forensics strategies.

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The first part of the investigation will have its entire focus on the leaked file. As the next step, the workforce who had access to the file will be monitored. The other aspects of the process include endpoint security detection tools, event management, and information platforms. The next step is to secure remote access to the concerned employees’ workstations.

Once access is enabled, experts analyze the critical security aspects associated with the file to know what an employee did with it.

As everybody knows, hackers are evolving daily. Therefore, it is imperative to experiment with different technologies and stay up-to-date with new technologies to counter the evolving attacks. As a result, digital forensics seems to have found its place among the most exciting technologies.

However, the cyber security space is far from a stage where it can say that once you have a digital forensics strategy in place, you are totally free from the concerns such as hacking. In case of an insider threat, an organization equipped with digital forensics strategies is better occupied to identify and tackle the impacts and nail down the people quickly.

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