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Digital forensics take center stage in Troconis trials

The Michelle Troconis trial captivated audiences on day 20 as the spotlight shifted to digital forensics, specifically data gleaned from phones and vehicles tied to the mysterious disappearance of Jennifer Dulos. Detective Michael Clark, meticulously extracting information from Fotis Dulos’ phones, drew attention to a curious gap in activity on the morning Jennifer vanished. Notably, his phone remained undisturbed at his Farmington residence between specific timeframes. However, later in the day, a flurry of activity painted a picture of movement across various locations, including 4 Jefferson Crossing, 80 Mountain Spring Road, and Albany Avenue.

Adding another layer of intrigue, Detective Clark revealed a seemingly pre-arranged phone call received by Fotis from a friend. Investigators suspect this call served as a carefully crafted alibi for the crucial morning hours. This revelation sent ripples through the courtroom, sparking questions and speculation.

Taking the stand next, forensic expert Mark Newth delved deeper, presenting crucial GPS data. This data confirmed Fotis’ movements on May 24th, including a trip to Albany Avenue in Hartford – a location suspected of being linked to evidence disposal. Newth meticulously analyzed data from Jennifer’s Chevy Suburban recovered in New Canaan, revealing Bluetooth activity at 2:56 pm. However, the identity of the phone connected to the vehicle remained a mystery.

Capitalizing on this ambiguity, the defense attorney, Jon Schoenhorn, seized the opportunity to raise questions outside the courtroom. He pointed to the call history of the connected phone, implying it belonged to Jennifer and insinuating the presence of another individual near her vehicle at the critical time. This strategic move cast a shadow of doubt, highlighting the complexities of the case and the ongoing quest for answers.

As the trial is currently on a break, with proceedings resuming next Tuesday in Stamford, the weight of the evidence presented and the unanswered questions hang heavy in the air. The digital forensics presented on day 20 offered valuable insights, but it remains to be seen how these details will ultimately contribute to unraveling the truth behind Jennifer Dulos’ disappearance.

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