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Document-free Verification, An Emerging Trend?

The KYC solutions industry is gaining critical importance in the contemporary business world. Earlier, KYC solutions were mostly connected to the financial sector. However, their relevance applies to all industries. 

Specific trends are expected to be relevant for the 2023 KYC solutions space. One of them is the emergence and prominence of the document-free verification process. 

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Know Your Customer (KYC) is quickly becoming a critical business component. Along with making it easier for customers to be identified, it also monitors transactions for any suspicious behavior, fights money laundering, and stops terrorist funding. 

Automated KYC will be the trend in the upcoming years. As a result, people should anticipate document-free verification becoming more widely used in the following year.

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This implies that more users will be able to verify their identity by quickly undergoing a face authentication check. In addition, many nations have created methods of document-free verification.

The onboarding process is expected to drastically transform in 2023 with the emergence of all-in-one verification solutions. 

Currently, KYC and transaction monitoring are two separate procedures, but the industry believes these two systems will be combined in 2023 to boost efficiency.

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