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Ethnos reveals a new mobile app security solution tailored for organizations

Ethnos, an information security firm, unveiled its latest mobile application scanning and security solution, Aquila, aiming to bolster organizations against cyber threats. Launched at the Tech Fair 2023 by Zenith Bank, Aquila showcased advanced security features, drawing attention from tech enthusiasts and stakeholders.

The CEO of Ethnos, Peter Ejiofor, expressed gratitude to Zenith Bank for the invitation, highlighting the enduring trust and confidence the bank has placed in Ethnos. Ejiofor emphasized their long-standing partnership, underscoring the company’s commitment to delivering top-notch cybersecurity solutions.

Aquila, as described by the Head of Development, Olamide Ajayi, is a comprehensive security platform that scans mobile apps for vulnerabilities. Addressing concerns like insecure data storage, communications, authentication, and more, it positions itself as an essential tool for organizations safeguarding their products from potential breaches. Ethnos didn’t stop at Aquila; they also presented their cost-efficient Managed SIEM solution, focusing on cyber threat monitoring, prevention, and remediation. Miracle Chukwudebe, a Security Architect with Ethnos, stressed their dedication to providing affordable cybersecurity solutions, particularly benefiting small businesses.

The firm showcased an array of security offerings, including Security Training, Managed Security Services, Compliance Certification, and CISO as a Service. Ethnos utilized the Tech Fair platform to spotlight their latest advancements, notably in the Managed SIEM Platform, dedicated to fortifying digital asset protection.

The Zenith Bank Tech Fair 2023, aimed at fostering deeper insight into emerging technologies, featured Zecathon, empowering startups and tech enthusiasts to showcase innovative solutions. This event served as an ideal platform for Ethnos to unveil its cutting-edge security solutions, reinforcing its position as a trailblazer in Nigeria’s cybersecurity landscape. Ethnos, a pioneer in cybersecurity, showcased its groundbreaking Aquila solution at Zenith Bank’s Tech Fair 2023, marking a stride in Nigeria’s security realm. With an array of offerings and commitment to affordable solutions, Ethnos remains at the forefront of safeguarding digital assets.

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