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Experts Fear Multi-Cloud May Not Be Probable Everywhere

Multi-cloud is when more than one cloud providers are leveraged for fulfilling IT requirements. As a result, enterprises are able to support their business better and, in turn, offer service reliability. Multi-cloud is indeed trending, as many a time, over-dependency on a single cloud provider may not be sufficient to accomplish all the business objectives. Yet, multi-cloud may not always be probable. Here are certain limitations associated with a multi-cloud environment.

Signing up or deploying an increasing number of cloud services or applications may involve higher costs.

As new cloud apps are added to IT environments, enterprises may have to deal with the possibility of losing control of their security, access management, and identity processes.
With multi-cloud, the need for specific expertise becomes a priority.

Inefficient management of multi-clouds may lead to enhanced complexity and more costs.
An organization’s significant challenge while trying to transition to the cloud is how the new environment combines with the legacy systems. Security architecture can be stretched beyond their possible limits through multi-cloud. Consequently, businesses can’t skip the process of assessing their security architectures, environments, and networks before incorporating multi-cloud into their systems.

Multi-cloud management as per the requirements is crucial as enterprises develop and add more services and applications to their IT environments. However, despite the technological advancements, dependency on traditional methods such as passwords is still significant. As a result, the diverse environments, multiple applications, and remote workers are increasingly at risk.

The advantages of a multi-cloud must be thoroughly weighed against the challenges and complexity of the risks usually associated with a multi-cloud. The reason to implement multi-cloud should never be an impulsive one. Instead, the challenges and benefits are to be assessed thoroughly before deciding to use a multi-cloud approach.

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