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FCC Proposes New Data Breach Notification Rules

FCC, the Federal Communications Commission, has proposed a new set of rules regarding data breach notification. 

The move was a much-needed one, feel industry experts. Data breaches have been a severe issue in recent times. As a result, security experts have become more alert. 

Consumers have been left wondering how to safeguard themselves and the data shared with the affected enterprise. The confusion and apprehensive behavior stems from the constantly rising data breaches. 

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The FCC intends to make customer notification of breaches of their private network information to federal law enforcement more stringent.

Here are some insights into the recent move by the FCC

There is a compulsory wait period of seven days before notifying the breach. Therefore, the FCC wants an amendment to this rule. 

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Further, the FCC is also considering bringing more clarity into its rules that govern consumer notification through carriers of inadvertent breaches.

Also, FCC proposes that all breaches be reported to the FBI, FCC, and the U.S. Secret Service. 

Organizations must be tenacious in their efforts to safeguard client information. Of course, with the world economy on the verge of recession and inflation, it’s undoubtedly tough. However, enterprises have only one option other than exploring possibilities for preventing data breaches.

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