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Forghetti - Pioneering Password Management Through On-Demand Generation


Founder & CEO, Forghetti

“We are partnering with companies who are in a position where they can make their customers more secure online by offering them access to a platform agnostic password generation solution.”

Nestled amidst the ever-evolving landscape of digital security, Forghetti emerges as a distinctive figure in the realm of password management solutions. What sets Forghetti apart is its innovative approach – one that diverges from conventional norms. 

Unlike traditional password managers that rely on encrypted databases of stored passwords, Forghetti operates on the premise of on-demand password generation. Passwords come to life only when needed, triggered by a multi-layered pattern or biometrics. With this groundbreaking methodology, Forghetti addresses the multifaceted challenges faced by individuals navigating the labyrinth of multiple devices, various browsers, and the relentless expansion of online platforms demanding user authentication. 

To shed light on the competitive landscape, it’s pivotal to emphasize that Forghetti stands at a vantage point, for it neither requires users to remember a master password nor stores passwords in encrypted databases. Passwords are calculated only when users require them, ensuring that sensitive credentials remain securely in their own hands. This unique blend of innovation and security serves as Forghetti’s distinctive hallmark, carving out a niche for the company in the Password Management solutions market.

Revolutionizing Password Management

The core narrative of this profile delves into the innovative and distinct approach taken by Forghetti. Established in 2017, Forghetti has successfully introduced a paradigm shift in the world of password management. What sets Forghetti apart is its refusal to burden users with the need to remember multiple passwords. Instead, it allows users to generate passwords on demand, using either their biometrics or a multi-layered patterns. This pattern serves as the key to producing unlimited complex passwords for various services, which users can access with ease. Moreover, Forghetti’s cross-platform availability across iOS, Android, PC, Mac, and browsers grants it an unbridled, device-independent quality.

Addressing Impending Challenges

Password management in today’s digital landscape faces several impending challenges such as managing multiple devices, browsers, AI integrations, and the ever-expanding list of systems and services requiring usernames and passwords. Forghetti’s unique approach offers a solution to these issues. Best practice password management is ensured.  Forghetti generates 16 character multi character complex passwords by default.  Forghetti enables users to generate complex unique passwords on the fly, combining the multi-layered pattern or their personal biometrics with a combination of IDs, dates and time stamps, each unique the individual password. Forghetti simplifies password management. A single pattern or “doodle” is all users need to remember to generate an unlimited array of complex passwords for the services they use. This device-independent solution streamlines the management of a multitude of services with unmatched convenience. With the advent of AI and quantum computing, it has never been more relevant to provide a solution which relies on multiple disparate elements being combined to create the required data.  There is no mechanism to ‘brute force attack’ the platform since Forghetti will generate a password whatever values are entered – Forghetti does not know what the correct pattern should be and can create a near limitless number of different password combinations.

Unlocking the Power of On-Demand Passwords

Forghetti specializes in an innovative on-demand password generation solution for consumer-facing products. However, a case study illustrates the versatility of this solution, where a small agency faced the daunting challenge of managing numerous systems and platforms across its team. Utilizing Forghetti, the team was able to share password generation using Forghetti’s secure groups, providing peace of mind to company management. Every system the team logged into from that moment onwards was using a complex password that was not being shared on a spreadsheet, post-it note or messaging service.  This case exemplifies the profound impact Forghetti’s solution can have on diverse organizations.

The Future Roadmap for Forghetti

Looking ahead, Forghetti is determined to make low-cost, user-friendly password management accessible to all consumers. The company aims to collaborate with organizations that can enhance their customers’ online security by offering them access to Forghetti’s platform-agnostic password generation solution. The future holds further expansion and strategic alliances, cementing Forghetti’s position as an industry leader.

In the latest version of forghetti, an additional QR code authentication solution has been released enabling platform administrators to encourage their users to login using forghetti easily.  All users then access the platform with complex authentication securing the platform architecture from the threat of weak password accounts being compromised.

“We are partnering with companies who are in a position where they can make their customers more secure online by offering them access to a platform agnostic password generation solution.” says Mike Crompton, CEO of Forghetti.

Bringing Simplicity to Complexity

Forghetti is an independent company driven by a simple yet powerful mission – to make password management easier for everyone. Its elegant and user-friendly approach addresses the growing complexity of the digital world, offering a non-technical solution to a highly technical challenge.

Forghetti’s headquarters are in Winchester, England. The company serves primarily consumers and has announced a promising partnership with CSL Mobile Limited, a prominent Hong Kong-based telecommunications company, known for its mobile network brands. Leading the way are notable figures in the industry, including Mike Crompton, Charles Milton, Tim Lander, and James Maclaurin. Forghetti has also received recognition by being shortlisted for the KPMG Tech Innovator award.

Forghetti has transformed the password management landscape with its innovative on-demand password generation solution. Its device-independent, user-centric approach has the potential to simplify and secure digital experiences for consumers and organizations worldwide.