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FORTER: Rethinking Fraud Management


Co-Founder & CEO

Forter stands out among its peers with its exceptional approach to tackling the latest challenges in fraud prevention and management.

All are aware of the increasing prominence of fraud prevention and detection. False rejects may cost merchants up to 75 times more money than actual fraud. Therefore, it is more important than ever to make sure your fraud solution offers the best approval rate while not over-focusing on fraud prevention. The world is transitioning from conventional methods to new or specific solutions irrespective of domains or sectors. The fraud prevention industry also faces a never-before prominence of innovative solutions. Forter stands out among its peers with its exceptional approach to tackling the latest challenges in fraud prevention and management.

“Our enterprise customers are committed to ensuring everyone who visits their sites gets the experience they deserve. The Forter Decision Engine, powered by 1.2B+ identities in our cross-merchant dataset, makes instant assessments of trust at checkout. Our technology uses the speed of AI to make decisions, the sophistication of machine learning to detect patterns across vast datasets, and the savvy of fraud experts to continuously update our models. Eliminate false declines and allow more good buyers while keeping fraud out.

Forter accurately identifies and blocks known and new fraudsters with similar patterns, ensuring you significantly reduce chargebacks and protect your revenue,” informs Michael Reitblat, Co-Founder & CEO. The Forter clients have been able to reduce chargebacks besides false declines by up to 90% to deliver a superior customer experience. Michael and Liron, founders of Forter, founded it for themselves. They were childhood friends.


By removing erroneous declines while avoiding fraud, Forter makes sure fraud protection is not given unnecessary importance. The ability to focus on other related or equally disastrous threats besides fraud management in the overall process is a great opportunity. As an example, simultaneous reduction of Chargeback charges is possible. Forter clients have vouched for satisfying results concerning higher transaction approval rates, lesser chargeback rates, and an enhanced consumer experience in sync with the organizational strategies.

“Additionally, you may cease paying a subscription for fraud protection and achieve better results and economics with Forter thanks to increased accuracy and noticeably decreased chargeback rates. Our ability to identify the “who” behind each transaction allows us to support all payment methods accurately, including credit, debit, and prepaid cards plus stored value payments, digital wallets, BNPL applications, bank redirects, bank transfers, and more. We understand the importance of locally preferred payment methods such as bank transfers and buy now, pay later options, and we support decisions for them globally,” continues Reitblat. All in all, the fraud management approach by Forter is all about leveraging a deep understanding of online identities to accurately and quickly deliver a decision at checkout.

In other words, Forter is aware of who is behind every transaction. The knowledge is heavily relied upon to deal with false declines that increase approval rates. Besides, fraudulent attempts are declined so that the possibility of chargebacks remains. “When you become a Forter customer, you join our network — fighting fraud and delighting customers as a consortium with leaders from all industries. You benefit from automation, freeing you to focus on business drivers. And you log in to a single portal that puts every critical insight and decision data point at your fingertips, so you’re in complete control. Forter elevates fraud prevention to a strategic business driver and ensures you deliver superior results for your organization,” adds Reitblat.