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Fortinet: An Experienced Name In The Cyber Security Realm​


Founder & CEO


“Cyber Security is like locking your house or car – it does not stop the bad guys, but if it is good enough, they may move on to an easier one.”

Paul Herbka has once quoted, “Cyber Security is like locking your house or car- it does not stop the bad guys, but if it is good enough, they may move on to an easier one.” In present times, we can see that information and communication technologies are ruling every section of our lives – from shopping and banking to education and commerce, they also leave us vulnerable to cyber-crime.

In the present generation of social media and technology, Cyber security is one of the toughest challenges-and that is one of the greatest reasons cyber security services have become an important aspect of our business strategies and life in general. New-age Enterprises are in great need of effective cyber security solutions to monitor and provide real-time visibility on business applications, systems, networks, and databases. And this is just what our today’s star of the show, Fortinet offers.

It is one of the most successful and experienced cyber security providers present in the market worldwide. The team of Fortinet has a robust perception that integrity and dedication are the major elements to get a successful portfolio. Founded in the year 2000, the team of Fortinet is operating majorly in the USA and worldwide by making the cyber world a better place.

The Fortinet team ensures the security of individuals and businesses as a whole by offering a wide range of services. And to provide its exclusive services in the best possible manner, Fortinet relentlessly encourages its workforce to do even better.


Ken Xie, the CEO of the company has had an immense level of experience and bank of knowledge in the world of identity-based security for more than two decades. This tremendous experience was the force that made him realize that the cyber industry was in urgent need of a specialized partner that can spearhead the technical security functions and provide relevant and accurate services in the market.

He gradually realized that having a company with a vision to make the next generation’s cyber security proficient enough was the need of the hour. The founder of the company, Ken Xie has put all his efforts to prepare a tremendous team with a capacity to deliver impeccable solutions for its clients in the identity domain. Even at the initial stages of the company, the existing business giants, as well as clients from across the globe appreciated its services.


The company has sincerely worked on polishing its services and has successfully acquired great quality, which is one of its major differentiating factors as well. Although Fortinet has encountered many challenges and hurdles throughout the business operations, from hiring to training, delivery, post-implementation, and handover, the company has always ensured the quality of the services and a better customer satisfaction rate.

Another factor that gives the company an edge over its peers in the domain of cyber security is the specialized workforce of the organization. Fortinet dedicatedly invests a reasonable chunk of time on every new hire to be trained and specialized perfectly for the relevant realm. The team has a robust perception that the workers of a company have training & experience of approx. a year, are capable enough to produce well-fitted solutions for large enterprises and that too quite seamlessly.

Explaining, in brief, the differentiating factors of Fortinet, the visionary asserts, “Our dedicated team of Fortinet makes one-on-one contacts with our clients to grasp and interpret their needs and wants by hearing them out completely and patiently- and put high-end efforts to provide a unique solution as per their demand. We, at Fortinet, use the latest and advanced tools and technologies to offer best-in-class services to our clientele by keeping ourselves updated on daily basis.”

Ken has the clear perception that business leadership is all about creating more leaders around us who are empowered and encouraged enough to do the right things for the ecosystem and for society as a whole. At present, every single industry around us works in a resource vs. utilization mode. But according to the viewpoint of Ken, the biggest thing we are missing is the bond that is desired between the employee and the employer. He says that the day when an employee recognizes as a resource in his or her organization, the organization loses its values inscribed by the founder.


Mitt Romney has said, “Starving Research and Development is like eating the seed corn.” R&D is an inseparable and exceptional part of any business enterprise operating out there. “I truly believe that the business firm having no plans to invest the required time and efforts on research and development for its business is simply not interested enough to yield profit and to contribute to the arena and the workforce” Ken affirms.

Fortinet strongly believes in constant improvement and taking a step back wherever it needs for the better of the business. The company’s extraordinary service panel and industrial team are sincerely devoting their utmost efforts to making the organization a synonym for safety solutions.

Transforming Challenges Into Opportunities

Uncertainties and challenges more often help in the improvement and development of business organizations and in general. Fortinet firmly believes in the principle that the underlying platform concerning technology will remain constant even if everything around will changes.

Fortinet tries to imbibe a huge technical focus to all its workforce in the initial years of service itself. The team of Fortinet is highly proficient in the areas such as operating systems, processors, containers, databases, and programming languages that immensely benefit its clientele.


We all are aware of the fact that it is highly important to possess a positive environment throughout the organization to inspire the workforce and gain the best results from their efforts. The management team of Fortinet keeps its prime focus on motivating the employees throughout the organization by offering them a helping whenever needed. Ken, being the leader of the company always tries to take every single person associated with the company along with him to climb the success ladder. The heads of the company always try to set a better example for their Fortinet family and to provide them with a happy and work-friendly culture in the organization.

However, Ken, being an enthusiastic leader never approves to sit down on his chair and handle the work, rather he mixes himself in the workforce and closely observes the ongoing process. He is so passionate about his organization that sometimes he himself contacts the clients to know their feedback and desired changes in the solutions. This positive attitude of his immensely boosts the morale of the workforce and cheers them to improve their skills and performance.