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Future of Application Security, Some Interesting Trends

It is beyond doubt that the application security industry is undergoing drastic changes. The industry trends are oriented toward a great future. Certain trends may assume more significance than others. 

Making security a first-class citizen of ongoing software development workflows will be made possible with awareness of and adherence to these trends, especially those relevant to the present tech world.

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Increasing incorporation of security tools in CD/CI is a future-oriented trend. A new generation of AppSec technologies designed with CI/CD integration in mind is currently available. With the aid of these contemporary tools, scanning operations can move left in the development lifecycle.

Even more intriguing is the addition of security features to well-known software development platforms like Github and Gitlab. All of these modifications are making AppSec a first-class citizen in the ecosystem of developer tools.

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DevOps is another trend impacting the future of application security. DevOps techniques provide developers more control over decision-making, and they frequently choose their own programming languages, software libraries, and dependencies. It is nearly hard for AppSec teams to maintain centralized control over this diverse and quickly evolving software stack. 

Recent studies indicate that future systems will be sophisticated, smarter and able to deal with large populations and data. Further, these systems are also able to self-update themselves. 

These trends would gain supremacy over others in terms of the future of application security. 

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