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Generative AI Is the New Favorite of Hackers

The latest news is that ethical hackers leverage generative AI actively. Many hackers are of the opinion that generative AI tools can enhance the process. Also, the technology is relevant for the future of hacking.

Interestingly, hackers are confident that AI cannot replace humans in the process, not in the coming years, at least.

Majority of the hackers believe AI can disrupt hacker’s approach toward penetration testing in the immediate future. These facts are found in a study by Bugcrowd.

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Hackers who responded to the poll recognized the value of generative AI tools like ChatGPT in their work, with 21% saying that AI is already surpassing them. Furthermore, 55% of respondents think these technologies have boosted or will continue to raise the value of security research and ethical hacking.

Many of the respondents currently employ generative AI in their work, whether for job automation, data analysis, vulnerability identification, and others.

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A few intriguing facts regarding the demography of the ethical hacking community were also unearthed by the inquiry, which surveyed 1000 people in 85 different nations.

Interestingly, the ethical hacking community majorly consisted of the male population. This is a noteworthy trend as it highlights the need to involve more women in the process.

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