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Google To Combine VPN and Dark Web Monitoring to Ensure Online Privacy

Online privacy and security have been long-standing issues. Google is taking an active interest and is all set to improve the scenario. As part of the efforts, Google has introduced two new security measures for its Google One cloud storage service.

The expansions into the VPN service are now available to all subscribers. The announcement regarding this was made on March 1st week. 

Google is optimistic about its new move to improve online privacy.

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The new policy makes the VPN service now accessible to users of the entry-level 100GB plan, which costs just $1.99 per month.

Besides the expansion of its VPN service, the announcement comprises another feature.

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The other security feature, which is new and part of the Google One package, would help customers better protect their online data. Officially the quality will be called ‘Dark Web Report.’

“When you enable dark web report, you provide and select the information you’d like to keep an eye on within your monitoring profile. If the company finds any matching information, it will notify the user and guide how they might protect that information. For example, if it finds a user’s Social Security number on the dark web, it might suggest that they report it to the government as stolen,” says Google.

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