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Hanzo Introduces Chronicle for the Compliance Industry

Hanzo, a North-America-based risk management platform, has launched a new solution for the compliance sector. Named Chronicle, the recent launch serves as an innovative workflow and archive solution. 

Hanzo Chronicle extends an innovative Compliance Review Workflow to the Dynamic Capture Enterprise Archiving Technology, which powers the former. The immediate results are enhanced automation and collaboration. 

Compliance and marketing teams can rely extensively on Chronicle to demonstrate compliance with policies and regulations from the SaaS applications, digital experiences, or their corporate websites. 

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Enterprises face data management challenges with hard-to-capture sources. They need solutions that can immutably capture the highest-fidelity reproductions of dynamic web content. They also need an easy way to review their archives to support audits. Hanzo Chronicle delivers the lifelike native playback quality and adds in a review workflow that helps teams fully document their processes cross-departmentally so that everyone who should be involved in. “ Says ,” Julien Masanès, CEO, Hanzo.

The characteristic features of the Hanzo Chronicle are as below:

l Defensible Process

l Content Alert

l Single System of Record

l Tasks and notifications, and

l Control and automation

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“We believe the new name, Hanzo Chronicle, uniquely conveys its purpose — a chronicle of records that defensibly delivers the truth and provides a forum for reviews for enterprise compliance, legal, and marketing teams, continues Masanes.

Hanzo has been instrumental in empowering global enterprises to manage and reduce legal risks as work gets done. The risk management platform aims at providing enterprises with a single source of facts for the communications data that often gets complex. Hanzo solutions have always focused on litigation, investigations, and compliance data. 

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