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Identity Access Issues Major Cause of Breaches

Recent studies by (ISC)² indicate the enormity of identity access issues as the primary cause of breaches. Mostly, mismanaged or weak credentials are the most susceptible features. However, as per the latest statistics from the survey by ISC, around 80% of breaches are through theft of identity access.

That’s why identity access management requires close attention. Access management becomes more manageable and highly vulnerable to phishing attacks, ransomware attacks, and breaches without proper controls or procedures.

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Enterprises will find identity access management a recurring issue, especially in a scenario where the technological landscape is constantly altering with new technologies, changes, BYOD Policies, storage systems, cloud computing, hacking scams, and phishing attacks. Any significant changes like this will directly and robustly impact identity access issues.

The access management and identity challenges are constantly on the rise, and so are the tools and solutions that enterprises can rely on for defending evolving challenges. Therefore, it is totally up to the enterprises to leverage the available tools in such a manner that identity systems are less vulnerable to cyber threats.

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Also, as most enterprises are now actively transferring their entire data into the cloud, the need to safeguard your identity access management systems gets even more significant.

One of the most impactful issues enterprises would have to face without totally secure access management is that it is almost impossible to check who will have access to the applications and systems belonging to the enterprise.

Further, an access management system is highly vulnerable to security breaches because the enormity of insider threats is often ignored, and outside attacks are given more importance. However, insider threats are growing at an alarming rate, and several vulnerability threats happen within an organization.


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