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Inadequate Cloud Security, A Critical Aspect of Unified Threat Management?

The market for unified threat management is expanding as data breaches occur more often across businesses. For instance, 45% of American organizations, according to comparitech, have experienced data breaches.

Specific trends become significant concerning unified threat management. For instance, cloud Security is one of the emerging trends impacting the UTM sector. 

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Transition to the cloud has emerged as the most common IT trend. Still, the big question about the cloud is whether enterprises have been able to secure the cloud. Unfortunately, the answer will be ‘No.’ Despite its potential for the future, the cloud is far from safe.

Organizations are aware of the issue. More investments continue to pour in to make secure cloud a definite possibility.

Companies are investing in UTM and other techniques to secure cloud storage. 

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94% of businesses that used public cloud service providers experienced higher expenditures than they had anticipated (CSP), says a report by Veritas Technologies. Yet another highlight of the survey is the finding that enterprises are often 43% overspending on their designated cloud budgets.

The need to spend more money than planned on storage security is one of the factors contributing to overspending. According to the report, 99% of respondents thought their CSP would safeguard some of their cloud-based assets.

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