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Interos Revolutionizes Supply Chain Risk Management with Innovative Resilience Watchtower™

Interos, a company at the forefront of AI-driven supply chain resilience, recently unveiled its latest innovation, the Interos Resilience Watchtower™. This novel technology stands out as the first in the industry to offer a personalized risk assessment tool, transforming the way organizations approach risk management from mere monitoring to proactive action. The service enables leaders to develop custom risk models, pinpointing and prioritizing suppliers that pose a significant risk, thereby streamlining the risk response process.

As a provider of ecosystem mapping and supply chain risk solutions, Interos offers this unique module, which expedites procurement processes by filtering out suppliers that don’t meet a company’s specific risk criteria. It facilitates automatic remediation actions when these thresholds are crossed, leveraging data from both the client’s operations and Interos’ resources.

Jennifer Bisceglie, the CEO of Interos, highlighted the tool’s ability to advance beyond traditional multi-tier mapping, offering significant enterprise value. She shared an instance where a financial client successfully identified problematic third-party suppliers early on, preventing potential breaches.

Resilience Watchtower differentiates itself by not relying on generic risk assessments. Instead, it offers intelligence that is context-aware, matching risk evaluations with business criticalities. This feature enables monitoring across a wide spectrum of risks, such as financial, cyber, environmental, geopolitical, regulatory, and catastrophic events. The tool’s flexibility allows for custom watchlists, adaptable to various situations like monitoring cybersecurity threats or financial stability of third parties, and providing specific and timely alerts.

This innovation marks a period of significant growth for Interos, acknowledged by Inc. magazine as one of North America’s fastest-growing private companies. The firm’s recent partnerships with entities like Singapore’s Defense Technology Agency and Irving Shipbuilding underscore its commitment to bolstering supply chain resilience and maintaining its status as a trusted partner in the field.

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