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Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems Market: Here Are the Expected Trends

The upcoming years are crucial for the worldwide IDPS Market (Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems). The market is expected to be worth about USD 6.2 billion by 2025. The expected CAGR is 5.4%. The worth of the market was around 4.8 billion in 2020. 

Like many other sectors, the IDPS market is also expected to undergo significant changes in the post-covid scenario. 

The Market Drivers

There have been several instances of massive cyber breaches worldwide in recent times. The attack points varied across data, networks, and endpoints besides other IT infrastructures. The immediate consequences include huge data loss for governments, enterprises, and individuals. 

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This increase in cyber threats is causing a massive surge in the IDPS market. 

The Limitation

Despite the increase in cyber threats, many enterprises lack sufficient funds to employ good cyber security practices. This is especially true for SMEs. Finance is not a huge problem for larger enterprises. However, the absence of adequate funds often surfaces as a constraint for the IDPS market. 

The expenses involved in the research and development are pretty significant for the market. Also, the security solutions are quite expensive. 

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Yet another challenge for the market is the evident gap in cyber security talent. Such a gap is the biggest constraint for IT enterprises to meet the ever-evolving cyber security requirements.

More investment in Research and Development and employing immediate measures to fill the cyber security talent gap are some of the most urgent measures to be undertaken. 

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