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IPRO: Transforming Data Governance



“With IPRO’s help, we can now provide a streamlined solution to our clients.”

In today’s data-driven business environment, organizations generate vast amounts of data, often from multiple sources such as email, chats, files, collaboration spaces and more. However, who can answer what is sensitive and critical information? How can you minimize your risk or data exposure and where do you start? Understanding and managing data in a complex and ever-growing data landscape is a big challenge for many. In fact, gaining actionable insights from data located across multiple business processes and workflows presents a whole set of data governance challenges. Common threats like data quality, visibility, security, and regulatory scrutiny top the boardroom agenda. 

On top of that, the pressure of complying with an endless trail of privacy regulations (GDPR, CCPA, HIPPA, etc) and the legal preservations in anticipation for Litigation aggravates the situation. No wonder industry leaders are overwhelmed! To mitigate these numerous governance challenges, companies need a reliable way to keep track of, secure, and manage their sensitive data whilst adhering to the numerous compliance requirements. This is when IPRO, an information governance and eDiscovery solutions provider, comes to the fore. IPRO’s information governance solution helps companies reduce risk by giving them the ability to assess the data live in-place and provide insights that can help organizations make better decisions real-time. audit, remediate, dispose, preserve and reduce the amount of data release to third parties for legal matters. 

IPRO focuses on building a data framework and repository capable of mitigating the risks associated with data management and governance. This allows companies to have a single pane of glass to all their data sources so they can identify, classify, audit, remediate, preserve and clean up redundant, obsolete, and junk data. With a live repository, organizations can monitor and reduce data exposure risk while also securing sensitive information. This live repository helps companies identify sensitive information and keep backdoor cyber activities at bay. IPRO achieves this through AI models that provide clients the visibility into data that contain Personal Identifiable Information (PII), Personal Health Information (PHI) and Payment Card Industry (PCI) data. . With this, companies can quarantine or dispose of sensitive information and enforce and update the policies. “Our tools make it easy for Technology leaders to reduce the risk of an organization, which ultimately improves the security posture significantly,” says Sarai Schubert, COO at IPRO.

The company’s flagship offering is an eDiscovery platform called ZyLAB ONE for legal teams at corporations, and governments. The platform is equipped with all the features required to meet the data management and document handling needs of legal teams. For instance, when investigations or litigation hits a company, ZyLAB ONE’s user-friendly interface makes searching, analysing, reviewing, and redacting data easy and seamless. The platform also automates redactions by using AI models easily identify sensitive information and auto-redacting it.

By leveraging this single end-to-end platform, legal teams can fully control the legal processes including collaboration with external counsels and ultimately controlling and reducing the amount of data being sent out of the organization. In one instance, a Chicago-based corporation approached IPRO for Legal Hold and e-Discovery solution. The client wanted a scalable solution capable of identifying sensitive information upfront and reducing the amount of data being sent out to their law firms. After implementing IPRO, the client could successfully streamline the processes between Legal, IT and their Law Firms. IPRO deployed their in-place search solution, LIVE EDA, which comes as part of ZyLAB ONE, to access and control the data. The company also helped the client implement a framework to assess, investigate and reduce the amount of data they need to review during a legal matter.

As IPRO deployed live indexing for the client, they can streamline the data flow pipelines, which consist of unstructured information, including emails, documents, and chat messages. This helped them reduce the time needed for collections and processing of costly, time-consuming cases from months to weeks. “With IPRO’s help, we can now provide a streamlined solution to our clients,” said the happy customer. Such success stories stem from IPRO’s teams’ exceptional understanding of the intricacies of data governance and compliance. “We like to solve our customers’ problems and deliver impactful results,” mentions Sarai. IPRO always encourages its staff to come up with new ideas, which allows the organization to bring new innovations in the information governance space. Going forward, the company plans to expand its business by partnering with new companies that require information governance services and solutions.