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It Is Not a Flexible and Perfect Approach to Rely Totally on Standard Antivirus/Malware Protection

It is time to rethink if you have been relying on standard antivirus protection for an extended period. According to cyber security experts, today’s hackers are highly evolved, and it is inevitable to go beyond the long-standing methods.

Also, antivirus is not 100% foolproof. If we go by the latest reports, more than 350,000 new malware software have been created.

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Statistics confirm that over 677 million malware programs are available today, and new ones are being created with every passing day.

Let’s consider a scenario wherein an email hack is suspected.

If you notice unusual activities such as messages being sent and received, altered passwords that didn’t happen from you, spam messages to others in the contact without you being aware of it, or if you are unable to log in with the usual password, then you may be a victim of cyber fraud.

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In case of such an incident, your anti-malware and antivirus protection software can safeguard your device from getting corrupted, but you need to protect the source, the inbox.

With digital security, you can’t stick to one type of software. Hackers have long exhibited a strategy wherein complementary and in-built software is targeted first. These run on millions of machines. The third-party antivirus software is targeted only next.

Therefore, you require additional protection. In other words, having antivirus software as the single defense will no longer be sufficient in the current scenario.

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