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Kimberly Cheatle Is the New Director, the U.S Secret Service

The U.S Secret Service now has a new director, Kimberly Cheatle, an Enterprise Security and secret service Veteran. Cheatle has been involved with the Secret Service world for almost three decades.

During her 27-year federal career, Cheatle has served in different categories as part of the secret service. 

Previously employed with PepsiCo, Senior Director, Global Security, Cheatle led the firm’s risk management strategies and safety protocols at the enterprise level.

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She is the first woman to work as an assistant director and is now a director with the Secret Service.

She has had an illustrious career with the Secret Service. During her stint with the secret service, she focused heavily on training programs within the firm. 

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Besides, she used to supervise the security aspects of Joe Biden when he was the Vice President.

She is the recipient of several awards:

  • The woman in federal Law Enforcement Public Service Award
  • The Presidential Rank Award
  • Her Name was featured in the list of 2022 women in security by the Security Magazine.

“I am proud to announce that I have selected Kim Cheatle to be the next Director of the United States Secret Service. Kim has had a long and distinguished career at the Secret Service, having risen through the ranks during her 27 years with the agency, becoming the first woman in the role of Assistant Director of protective operations” these are the words of President Joe Biden on her appointment as the new Secret Service Director.


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