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Log Analysis, What To Know in 2023?

Log analysis is equally essential for SecOps, DevOps, or engineering departments. Log analytics is leveraged to troubleshoot cloud infrastructure and services perfectly. Besides, it is one of the critical features while ensuring enterprise IT security and measuring application performance across the DevOps release and application lifecycle.

Log analysis is now a potent tool for monitoring the health of company operations in real-time thanks to the proliferation of machine data. 

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Using log analysis technologies increases an organization’s likelihood of spotting security problems by 2.5 times.

Log analysis is now considered standard practice for businesses whose business models need them to be always on. In 2023, log data is expected to grow further. The uncontrolled growth may lead to further costs if not completely sorted with a cost-conscious and holistic solution. 

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The mean time to resolution for IT can be cut in half using log analysis and report enterprises. 

The present circumstances require a refined approach. Therefore, the log analytics strategy should focus on multiple aspects, including infrastructure design, data lifecycle, indexing, etc.

Managing IT infrastructure with numerous applications with several deployments is complicated and consumes an enormous time.

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